Since the beginning, ARTJOG was designed as a home; a space that brings art and the public at large together. It is a meeting space between artist and activist or other artists to meet, between one idea and others, between one experience and another.

This year’s Exhibition Program in ARTJOG uses a combination approach. The exhibition room and works will be present as usual; physical and concrete by keeping on applying health protocol and limiting the number of visitors.

Other than that, a new form that is provided to enjoy this year’s ARTJOG is Expanded ARTJOG. Expanded ARTJOG comes as an offer to experience a contemporary art festival through the audiovisual medium. We collaborate with documentary practitioners to record reality and present it to the public.

Resilience hasn’t ever been the same as reckless. It is the ability to move, survive, and strengthen. The Exhibition Program is our way to demonstrate such spirit. The approach that will be presented in this program is not intended to worry about the experience that’s lost when a physical meeting is regulated, but rather looking for a new experience from what we had not realized before.

01 Resilience

In the midst of the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic, artists never stop working. ARTJOG, as a space that brings artworks to the wider public, must keep going. Resilience is the ability to keep going, survive, and strengthen.

02 From Space to Space

Presented through a mixed-method, online and offline, ARTJOG: Resilience presents a special strategy. A new strategy to traverse the space; from physical exhibition space to any space where the public is. It is a way to keep valuing artworks and bringing it closer to the public, as close as it can get. 

03 A Closer Look at Art

How does reality take place in an artwork? How do artworks represent their other realities?  Ivan Sagita tells his working process by getting closer to reality. Until it is present in the form of art, presented very closely.


16 artworks from 16 artists, small size, packed in a single package, with big hope.

05 From the Edge of the Spotlight

An artwork cannot exist by itself to meet the public and positioning itself in an exhibition room. A festival will not move and manage itself. A summary of the backbone of an artwork and a performance in a festival. A story about a sincere spirit far from the spotlight and the one that’s often forgotten.

06 How Imagination Works

Artists are inseparable from the context of their lives. There is a long way to go before works of art reach the public. Mella Jaarsma and Theresia Agustina Sitompul described the journey of their works, starting from the idea, exploration of medium and presentation method which are always attached to their surrounding. There are technical options and some are very personal, in line with the artist’s mind and heart. Like enthusiasm, imagination and creativity must not stop even when the situation is uncertain.

07 May You Perform This Ritual of Poetry Solemnly

In a life that moves so fast and daily activity feels more and more mechanical, Murakabi tries to provide a pause and a moment of reflection to re-interpret life. Through basic needs; cloth, food, shelter, and a luxury that’s supposed to be present in humans, namely poetry. These elements are presented to realize how materialistic daily life practices can also be interpreted as spiritual practice. Taking a bath to clean the dirty soul, the breath is a gratitude that should be celebrated and not just something given. This practice does not stop and focus only on oneself, the relationship between human, nature and other creature must be rehabilitated. Being a happy person is being a useful person for others in order to be able to interpret what is sufficient, prosperous, murakabi.
And gotong royong (cooperation), is the most beautiful poetry we have ever had..