Murakabi is an interdisciplinary movement carried out by artist, architect, intellectuals and social movement activists (Piramida Gerilya). After participating in 2019 ARTJOG with Warung Murakabi, Murakabi is set to be a permanent program that will continue to be an integral part of ARTJOG.

By carrying out the basic idea of local spirit (indigenous) and nature conservation, this time Murakabi tries to present a combination of material and spiritual elements manifested in the element of clothing, food, shelter and poetry. The collaborators would be different from the previous one, this time they would collaborate with Joko Pinurbo, Eko Prawoto, and Gunawan Maryanto. Trying to build a dialogue with the chaotic situation of politic, economic, and natural damage and the depletion of the spirit of mutual cooperation, Murakabi will present physical installation as a space for tired bodies, as well as an artistic event such as poetry reading as a shelter for the restless souls.


Piranti Ibadah Puisi